Build a timeline

To build a timeline, sign in with you CERN NICE login using the CERN grey bar at the top of the screen.

Timelines are built from events.

A. To build a brand new timeline:

Go to Structure > Taxonomy

And click "Add terms" next to "Timelines". Type in the name of your timeline, and a description (160 characters max) which tells readers what to expect. Click Save.

Now you need to add events to the timeline. Follow the steps in section B below.

B. To add an event to an existing timeline:

First, check which timelines already exist on the site. Click the "Timelines" tab to see them all. Make a mental note of the name of the timeline you want to add your new event to.

Go to Add content > Event and write a concise description of the event. Follow the CERN writing guidelines for style and spelling. Note that the date must be precise to the day. If your event happened over a longer period of time, frame the copy to hang onto a particular day. 


  1. Though Einstein spent years thinking and writing about his theories of general and special relativity, the scientific papers he wrote have specific publication dates. Use publication dates to tie theories to given points in time. 0-
  2. The CMS detector took years to design and build, but the Technical Design report was presented to council at a specific meeting on a specific day. Use dates of meetings or presentations to tie a long design process to specific events. 

Type the name of the timeline you wish to add the event to in the "Timeline" field. Save the event.

You will notice the event has been added to the timeline you chose.

Important note: The first event on any timeline must appear only on that timeline. Otherwise the system gets confused and presents the wrong content.