1. 01/04/1951

    Kofoed-Hansen and Nielsen produce short-lived radioactive isotopes

    Danish physicists Otto Kofoed-Hansen and Karl-Ove…

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  2. 23/05/1960

    Plans for an isotope separator are published

    (image: The isotope separator in 1960) Plans for…

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  3. 17/12/1964

    CERN approves the online separator project

    On 10 April 1963, a number of European nuclear…

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  4. 08/05/1966

    Synchrocyclotron shuts down

    (image: excavation work for ISOLDE underground…

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  5. 16/10/1967

    First proton beams at ISOLDE

    (image: ISOLDE experimental hall. The magnet of…

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  6. 19/09/1972

    Plans to shut down the Synchrocyclotron

    (image: The Synchrocyclotron with the rotating…

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  7. 11/03/1974

    First beams for ISOLDE target

    (image: The ISOLDE II experimental area) In…

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  8. 06/04/1976

    New experiments in ISOLDE II

    New experiments are installed at ISOLDE II and…

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  9. 16/06/1983

    ISOLDE III design is approved

    To maximize the use of the Synchrocyclotron (SC)…

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  10. 10/10/1990

    The laser ion source, RILIS, is developed

    (image: The basic principle of the RILIS…

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  11. 19/12/1990

    The Synchrocyclotron beam ends

    On 19 December 1990, at noon, the beam from the…

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  12. 29/05/1992

    Inauguration of the new ISOLDE PSB facility

    The new ISOLDE PSB Facility has two isotope…

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  13. 26/06/1992

    First experiment at the ISOLDE Proton-Synchrotron Booster

    First experiment at the ISOLDE Proton-Synchrotron…

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  14. 01/05/1995

    First use of robots for target interventions

    Industrial robots are installed for manipulation…

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  15. 31/10/2001

    New accelerator, REX-ISOLDE, goes live

    A new accelerator, REX-ISOLDE, is put into…

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  16. 01/07/2004

    Radioactive laboratory of class A at ISOLDE

    (Image: A 3-D drawing of the Class A Lab with a…

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  17. 07/11/2007

    ISCOOL, the RFQ Cooler and Buncher

    (Image: ISCOOL, an ion cooler and buncher…

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  18. 02/09/2009

    HIE-ISOLDE project approved

    (Image: The ISOLDE beamline, equipped with the…

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  19. 22/11/2012

    Approval of the CERN-MEDICIS project

    (Image: Groundbreaking for the CERN-MEDICIS…

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  20. 08/05/2013

    First observations of short-lived pear-shaped atomic nuclei

    An international team at the ISOLDE facility…

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  21. 09/05/2013

    ISOLDE success culminates in three Nature publications

    In the middle of 2013 the success of combined…

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  22. 19/06/2013

    The ISOLTRAP collaboration measures the mass of exotic calcium nuclei

    The ISOLTRAP collaboration publishes in the…

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  23. 13/04/2015

    ISOLDE capable of producing radioactive ion beams from 74 chemical elements

    Radioactive ion beams from many chemical elements…

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  24. 22/10/2015

    First radioactive isotope beam accelerated in HIE ISOLDE

    CERN's nuclear physics facility, ISOLDE, began …

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  25. MEDICIS robot isotope production for medical research
    MEDICIS robot isotope production for medical research (Image: CERN)

    New CERN facility can help medical research into cancer

    The new CERN-MEDICIS (Medical Isotopes Collected…

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  26. RILIS
    Lasers at ISOLDE. RILIS experiment (Image: CERN)

    ISOLDE reports about the shape of mercury isotopes' nuclei

    ISOLDE reports about a phenomenon unique to…

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