The story of antimatter
  1. Albert Einstein publishes his theory of Special Relativity

    On 30 June 1905 the German physics journal…

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  2. Victor Hess discovers cosmic rays

    In 1911 and 1912 Austrian physicist Victor Hess…

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  3. Erwin Schrödinger and Werner Heisenberg devise a quantum theory

    In the 1920s, physicists were trying to apply…

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  4. Dirac's equation predicts antiparticles

    In 1928, British physicist Paul Dirac wrote down…

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  5. Carl Anderson discovers the positron

    In 1932 Carl Anderson, a young professor at the…

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  6. Ernest Lawrence patents the cyclotron

    In 1929 Ernest Lawrence – then associate…

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  7. The Bevatron starts up at Berkeley, California

    The Bevatron in 1958 (Image: Lawrence Berkeley…

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  8. The Bevatron discovers the antiproton

    A paper titled "Observation of antiprotons," by…

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  9. The Bevatron discovers the antineutron

    The journal Physical Review receives the paper…

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  10. Cronin and Fitch detect a difference between matter and antimatter

    In 1964, James Cronin and Val Fitch at Brookhaven…

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  11. First observations of antinuclei

    By 1965, all three particles that make up atoms (…

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  12. First storage of antiprotons

    CERN issues a press release announcing the first…

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  13. First proton-antiproton collisions

    The Intersecting Storage Rings produced the world…

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  14. First antiatoms produced: antihydrogen, at CERN

    A team led by Walter Oelert created atoms of…

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  15. Antiproton Decelerator approved

    In 1996 CERN's antiproton machines – the…

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  16. ATHENA and ATRAP create "cold" antimatter

    Two CERN experiments, ATHENA and ATRAP, created…

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  17. ALPHA traps antimatter atoms for 1000 seconds

    The ALPHA experiment at CERN reported today that…

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  18. ASACUSA weighs antimatter to one part in a billion

    In a paper published today in the journal Nature…

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  19. CERN sets course for extra-low-energy antiprotons

    The kick-off meeting for ELENA, the Extra Low…

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  20. ATRAP experiment makes world’s most precise measurement of antiproton magnetic moment

    In Physical Review Letters, the Antihydrogen…

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  21. LHCb experiment observes new matter-antimatter difference

    The LHCb collaboration at CERN publishes a…

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  22. ALPHA first direct analysis on how antimatter is affected by gravity

    The ALPHA collaboration at CERN1 has…

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  23. CERN’s ALPHA experiment measures charge of antihydrogen

    In a paper published in the journal Nature…

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  24. The Penning trap system used by the BASE experiment
    A cut-away schematic of the Penning trap system used by BASE. The experiment receives antiprotons from CERN's AD; negative hydrogen ions are formed during injection into the apparatus. (Image: CERN)

    The BASE experiment at CERN compares protons and antiprotons with high precision

    Geneva, 12 August 2015. In a paper published…

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  25. Electrostatic protocol treatment lens. The purpose of this device is to transport Antiprotons from the new ELENA storage beam to all AD experiments. The electrostatic device was successfully tested in ASACUSA two weeks ago.
    The ASACUSA experiment (Image: CERN) (Image: CERN)

    ASACUSA experiment improves precision of antiproton mass measurement with new innovative cooling…

    The ASACUSA experiment at CERN reports in Science…

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  26. Alpha Experiment in 2016
    Alpha Experiment (Image: CERN)

    ALPHA experiment observes the light spectrum of antimatter for the first time

    The ALPHA collaboration reports in Nature the…

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  27. Stefan Ulmer - Spokeperson of BASE experiment
    Stefan Ulmer - Spokeperson of BASE experiment (Image: CERN)

    The BASE experiment breaks its own precision measurement record of antiproton’s magnetic moment

    The BASE collaboration, publishes today in …

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  28. The LHCb collaboration has observed a breakdown of CP symmetry in the decays of the D0 meson
    A CP-symmetry transformation swaps a particle with the mirror image of its antiparticle. (Image: CERN)

    LHCb sees a new flavour of matter–antimatter asymmetry

    The LHCb collaboration at CERN has seen, for the…

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  29. Alpha Experiment in 2016
    The Alpha Experiment at CERN (Image: CERN)

    ALPHA cools antimatter using laser light for the first time

    The ALPHA collaboration at CERN has succeeded in…

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