The history of CERN
  1. 09/12/1949


    At the end of the Second World War, European…

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  2. 05/05/1952

    Early beginnings

    The first meeting of the CERN Council quickly…

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  3. 01/10/1952

    Where to build?

    Geneva was selected as the site for the CERN…

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  4. 29/06/1953

    The convention is complete

    The draft convention was completed in the alotted…

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  5. 17/03/1954

    Breaking ground

    On 17 May 1954, the first shovel of earth was dug…

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  6. 29/09/1954

    The European Organization for Nuclear Research is born

    At the sixth session of the CERN Council, which…

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  7. 11/05/1957

    CERN's first accelerator - the Synchrocyclotron - starts up

    The 600 MeV Synchrocyclotron (SC), built in 1957…

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  8. 24/11/1959

    The Proton Synchrotron starts up

    The Proton Synchrotron (PS) accelerated protons…

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  9. 01/09/1965

    First observations of antinuclei

    By 1965, all three particles that make up atoms (…

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  10. 17/01/1968

    Georges Charpak revolutionizes detection

    In the 1960s, detection in particle physics…

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  11. 27/01/1971

    First proton collisions: The Intersecting Storage Rings

    By the late 1950s, physicists knew that a huge…

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  12. 10/02/1971

    Council commissions the Super Proton Synchrotron

    Seven kilometres in circumference, the Super…

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  13. 31/07/1974

    Super Proton Synchrotron tunnel completed

    A few months after the signature of the agreement…

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  14. 03/05/1976

    The Super Proton Synchrotron starts up

    The Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) became the…

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  15. 04/04/1981

    First proton-antiproton collisions

    The Intersecting Storage Rings produced the world…

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  16. 20/01/1983

    W and Z particles discovered

    In 1979, CERN decided to convert the Super Proton…

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  17. 11/06/1986

    Heavy-ion collisions begin

    Just after the big bang the universe was too hot…

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  18. 08/02/1988

    LEP tunnel completed

    The excavation of the tunnel for the Large…

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  19. 14/07/1989

    Large Electron-Positron collider: First injection

    With its 27-kilometre circumference, the Large…

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  20. 20/12/1990

    The world's first website and server go live at CERN

    By Christmas 1990, Berners-Lee had defined the…

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  21. 15/09/1995

    First antiatoms produced: antihydrogen, at CERN

    A team led by Walter Oelert created atoms of…

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  22. 31/01/1997

    CMS and ATLAS experiments approved

    Four years after the first technical proposals,…

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  23. 07/02/1997

    Antiproton Decelerator approved

    In 1996 CERN's antiproton machines – the…

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  24. 14/02/1997

    ALICE experiment approved

    The CERN research board officially approves the…

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  25. 17/09/1998

    LHCb experiment approved

    LHCb is the fourth experiment approved for the…

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  26. 02/11/2000

    LEP's final shutdown

    The Large Electron-Positron collider was shut…

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  27. 19/10/2004

    CERN celebrates its 50th birthday

    CERN celebrated its 50th anniversary in style,…

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  28. 20/11/2006

    World's largest superconducting magnet switches on

    The ATLAS Barrel Toroid, then the largest…

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  29. 10/09/2008

    The LHC starts up

    At 10.28am on 10 September 2008 a beam of protons…

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  30. 19/09/2008

    Incident at the LHC

    On 19 September 2008, during powering tests of…

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  31. 30/04/2009

    Final magnet goes underground after LHC repair

    The 53rd and final replacement magnet for the…

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  32. 05/06/2011

    ALPHA traps antimatter atoms for 1000 seconds

    The ALPHA experiment at CERN reported today that…

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  33. 13/12/2011

    Tantalising hints of the Higgs

    In a seminar today the ATLAS and CMS experiments…

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  34. 04/07/2012

    ATLAS and CMS observe a particle consistent with the Higgs boson

    On 4 July 2012, as a curtain raiser to the year…

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  35. 18/03/2014

    CERN celebrates 60 years of science for peace

    CERN announces its anniversary of 60 years of…

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  36. 14/07/2015

    Discovery of pentaquarks

    Possible layout of the quarks in a pentaquark…

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  37. 28/09/2018

    Esplanade des Particules: CERN’s new official address

    CERN, the État de Genève and the Ville de Meyrin…

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